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6th-Oct-2007 04:07 am
TITLE: Ice Cream: Part 2: Crème Brulee or Cinnamon Bun?
PROMPT: 44.Punish
PAIRING: Nicholas/Danny
A/N: Inspired by neek_love's comment HERE.


There are over 40 varieties of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and Danny is sure he’s had them all. He just hasn’t tried them all on Nicholas, yet.

Nicholas has his own distinct flavor, and as a self-named connoisseur of both ice cream and Nicholas, he’s curious as to what their subtle properties have to offer one another, and of course, to him.

As Nicholas lounges on the living room sofa, watching Dirty Harry for the second time this month, Danny sneaks up on him around the back of the couch with one thing in mind and two things in hand: His handcuffs, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s he grabbed in the darkened kitchen before looking at what kind it actually was.

It is to his advantage that Nicholas is already exhausted, Danny having run him rampant all day. They’d been called out after that swan again, then chased down some hippies by Somerset, and finally hid behind their squad car as an angry steer did battle with the front bumper. Danny had found it riotous, but Nicholas, being unfamiliar with most manner of farm creatures, was somewhat perturbed. He didn’t understand why they couldn’t Taser it, seeing as farmers used cattle prods on them, anyway.

“Danny, what are you doing?” Nicholas asks in a monotone, his eyes fixed on the screen.

Danny swears to himself, standing up and peering down at Nicholas from above, his partner not even twitching, despite knowing that Danny is staring at him. Frustrated, Danny decides he’s going to go ahead with it, anyway. If Nicholas wants to try and ignore him, Danny will fight for attention.

His handcuffs flip open and then slap shut around Nicholas’s right hand, finally drawing Nicholas out of his stupor as Danny jumps over the back of the couch.

“What’re you doing?” Nicholas asks again, his tone becoming more frantic.

Danny shoves him back on the couch, spinning his legs toward him and pushing Nicholas’s arms over his head, passing the cuffs around the floor lamp and linking up the bracelets to Nicholas’s left hand finally. The floor lamp is made of some seriously sturdy shit, and on top of that, Danny bolted it to the floor after the third time he knocked into it during the night and wound up with a mess of shattered bulbs in the morning. Nicholas is quite stuck.

“S’yer own fault for lounging about with no shirt on and all,” Danny teases.

“That’s hardly a reason to interrupt the film,” Nicholas contradicts weakly, his jaw working twice as hard as his brain, making him look like a dying carp. Danny’s scoff only reinforces Nicholas’s knowledge of how frail his argument is, repeating the words in his head for the benefit of self-deprecation, losing track of Danny’s movements in the half-grey light of the paused DVD.

He yanks hard on his wrists, the realization of his capture causing a brief panic to envelope his judgment; he flails, pulling harder and hearing the dull clank of metal on metal, unyielding steel on malevolent SuperMart composite aluminum. His breath catches, his face contorts in a scowl, and he nearly jerks his shoulder out of its socket with the next attempt.

“Oi! Knock it off, y’ponce!” Danny chuckles, a note of worry hidden beneath warm overtones. He sits heavily on Nicholas’s hips, making them both bounce on the worn-out cushions and distracting Nicholas from his fervent worrying of handcuffs by worrying bits of his anatomy; Danny is always fast when it comes to zippers, be they his own, his friends’, or strangers’. He’s a zipper man, a strange play on a last name that seems to fit him equally well.

“Ah!” Nicholas pants, Danny’s cold hands trailing up from his waistline to toy with his left nipple, his index finger teasing it erect. Nicholas moans and arches, other parts of his body mimicking his chest, but Danny ignores his whimpers as he reaches for the ice cream he’d set on the floor just before mounting his boyfriend. Catching sight of the container, Nicholas says in mild disbelief, “You’ve got to be joshing me.”

Danny waggles his eyebrows as the lid slides free, licking the underside of the lid slowly, letting the melting confection roll across his tongue and dribble just barely along his lips. He can hear and feel Nicholas reacting; a slight roll of the hips, a low moan in the back of his throat, a barely perceptible increase in breath rate. Two fingers dip into the half-melted cream, prying out a sticky glob, which Danny holds over Nicholas’s chest, letting it slide free of his fingers in agonizing slow motion before hitting Nicholas’s chest with a dull slap.

“Fuckitall,” Nicholas gasps, throwing his head back.

Nicholas opens his eyes a split second later, feeling Danny’s weight shift above him; he’s leaning over Nicholas’s chest, tongue peeking between parted lips, and before Nicholas can voice his many protests, that warm muscle is sliding over his abs, tracing patterns in the sweet pool spreading across Nicholas’s skin, making a show of tasting and licking in ways that make Nicholas nearly insane, but just so.

“Jesus Christ, Danny,” Nicholas whimpers, feeling the mixture of hot and cold spreading swiftly over his body. He digs his feet into the cushions, pushing upward, chuckling appreciatively as he feels Danny’s hands fumble with his pants before tugging them off.

Danny is in his face a moment later, bumping noses, caressing his cheek, and Nicholas parts his lips to indicate what he wants; tongue, heat, wet, mouths on mouths and desperate oral fucking, if at all possible. Their lips crash together, and as soon as Danny’s lips part, Nicholas is rewarded with a mouthful of half-melted, lightly salted ice cream, something excessively sweet with a touch of cinnamon.

A warm fist wraps securely around his exposed length, and Nicholas practically shrieks into Danny’s mouth; his body is on fire, and as soon as Danny vacates his lips, Nicholas lets out a keening wail that sends Danny’s hormones into over-drive. The ice cream is set aside, but not before Danny gets one last double-finger-full, using his cool, sticky fingers to slick the shaft and add just that little bit of interesting after-taste that he knows Nicholas will probably ruin in less than three minutes.

DANNY!” Nicholas yelps, the ice-cream a startling shock to the extreme heat of his erection. Nicholas nearly dislocates his shoulder again as he writhes and gasps, straining to watch Danny lap up the frozen mess. He wants a taste, God does he want a taste of that; Danny and ice cream and aching flesh, he wants it, and Danny knows, and he’s teasing him-

Danny’s powerful and skilled fingers wrap around him again as his mouth meets Nicholas’s once more, meeting Nicholas’s desire. Nicholas goes limp, overwhelmed, diluted by pleasure, and an intense warmth floods his body. He tenses, arches, bucks and orgasms silently, his body convulsing as he tries to catch his breath.

“My…my GOD,” Nicholas giggles.

“Just so you know,” Danny says slowly, nuzzling the side of Nicholas’s face, tickling the sensitive skin beneath his jaw until Nicholas finally giggles again, “I’ve about 4 dozen other flavors left.”

“What?” Nicholas croaks, his look of concern extremely comical. Danny begins to laugh as Nicholas falls back against the pillows and groans.
7th-Oct-2007 11:05 am (UTC)
Thats my style. Boah! You know how to tease and play dont you? ;)
Very nicely written and it has some "touch" I cant describe.

Mind you writing a follow up, Nicholas taking "revenge" on Danny? :P
7th-Oct-2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
XD! If you've a fic request, I can try to fulfill it.

Nicholas's revenge on Danny shall be done!
7th-Oct-2007 01:44 pm (UTC)
Oooo, nice! Very...er...sticky! In all the good ways. I love the ending, I can just see Nicholas' face contorted in panic.

Although I do echo evitarutaru's suggestion: ice cream revenge? eeeee!
7th-Oct-2007 01:46 pm (UTC)
“My…my GOD,” Nicholas giggles.

I know how you feel Nicky!
Though my comment was *ages* ago, I feel pretty spiffed to be associated with this! Lovely, cute and hot :)
7th-Oct-2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
Hey, time may heal all wounds, but it preserves Plot Bunnies indefinitely!

And thanks for the spark in the first place!
7th-Oct-2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
Nice dialog for Nicholas. Both guys, really. This was cute and sexy, and it made me want B&J's creme brulee.
7th-Oct-2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
Danny Butterman; a zipper man. Yes, love it!
8th-Oct-2007 09:05 am (UTC)
as a self-named connoisseur of both ice cream and Nicholas
Bwah! Perfec'

“I’ve about 4 dozen other flavors left.”
Do you have that many other chapters left? This was lovely. But of course, now I want icecream...

To be honest, I was hoping this one would cover the incident/s with the cake and the Andes. Not that I'm disappointed, just sayin' and all ;)
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