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Stand Your Ground, FINAL CHAPTER 
11th-Sep-2007 01:10 pm
xx, s.and.c, poison
Today is September 11. It's raining. It's cold. My car is stuck in the shop.

What a fitting day to end this fic...

I'll have a couple OST's, one for Stand Your Ground, another for If Protocol Allows, and a third for Love Born of Murder pretty soon. Once I figure out how to use WinZip to put files together instead of just unpacking them...

If you're anxious for music, help me out!

TITLE: Stand Your Ground 13/13
FANDOM: Hot Fuzz
PAIRING: Nicholas/Danny
PROMPT: 48.Welcome
A/N: There is fluff, smut, cuteness and a couple of plot fillers. All remainig plot holes can go to hell will be filled with literary cement at a later time.

30.Guardian | 39.Let's Go | 15.Fraud | 16.Search | 17.Apart | 19.Orange | 20.Crawl | 21.Alternate Reality | 22.Downstairs | 23.Pop | 24.Cliche | 25.Memory

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Incubus and really bad Photoshop. I miss my Artweaver... EDIT: The second one is Artweaver. Gee, I love that shareware...

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This is going to be my Friends Only tag eventually... Just some random artz.

One Year Later…

“Danny, your knee’s in my spine,” Nicholas muttered, sitting up in a sleep-filled haze and yanking the covers from them both.

Danny moaned and swatted Nicholas in the side, yanking the covers back and over his head. It was ponderously cold recently, in contrast to the beastly summer, but January was known for shattering teeth from shivering.

Nicholas rolled his eyes, leaning over and kissing Danny’s cheek before testing the frigid hardwood with his big toe. He prayed baby Franky was alright, sleeping in the converted guest room with a space heater chugging away; they hadn‘t the time recently to set up all the baby things. He tiptoed across the hall and peeked in, feeling a pleasant splash of warmth brush his face, as he crept up to the basinet and peered down at his little son, sleeping peacefully.

He hoped Gavy was alright.

Back in the hall, closing the door behind him, Danny surprised him by trapping him against the wall and kissing his neck, clutching at his back for a moment and grinding against him with a thirst that made Nicholas’s throat go dry and his head spin.

“We’ve work today,” Nicholas reminded reluctantly, squeezing Danny’s ass for good measure as his lover groaned his disapproval.

“Are we dropping Franky off at dad’s, then?” Danny enquired, smacking Nicholas on the ass as he turned to go back into the bedroom.

“I thought Frank was going back to London today?” Nicholas asked, switching on the bathroom light. “He’s still not quite a free man-”

“Don’t want lit’le Franky growin’ into a criminal, eh?” Danny teased, having dressed in record time and appearing in the bathroom doorway.

Nicholas rolled his eyes, spitting a mouthful of toothpaste into the sink before saying, “Of course, Danny. Because Frank is such a horrible influence and all. We could have Simon watch him-”

“No. Bloody. Way.” Danny said flatly. He wasn’t kidding and Nicholas knew it.

“He still creeps you out?” Nicholas laughed.

“He’s…weird,” Danny replied, shuddering slightly after a moment’s contemplation. “I mean, ‘m glad their case was reappraised an’ all, but I still get the heeb-jeebs around some a’them, y’know?”

“Yeah, I do,” Nicholas agreed, finishing up in the bathroom and allowing Danny to squeeze past him as they traded spots; Danny could freshen up while Nicholas dressed. It was kind of a system. It was what they had.

Across town, Andy was waking Andrew with a series of slow kisses, stroking his cheek as they lay tangled together. Their sex life was a bit more active than Nicholas and Danny’s, but they weren’t competing with anybody, as much as they cared about it.

“Morning,” Andrew smiled, rolling on top of Andy and worrying his lover’s legs apart so he could kneel instead.

“’Tis,” Andy reaffirmed, smiling against Andrew’s lips a moment later. He giggled, feeling Andrew’s chest hair tickle his nearly-bare skin. Andrew always teased him about shit like that…

“You’re such a girl,” Andrew took the opportunity to mock.

“The sexiest one you’ll ever get,” Andy teased.

“M’not complaining or nothin’,” Andrew replied, niggling Andy’s sides until he cried from laughter.

Andy pushed up hard, rolling on his side, and after a moment of wrestling, pinned Andrew hand-and-foot beneath him.

“You sure weren’t complaining last night when I-” Andy began, but Andrew bucked hard, setting Andy tumbling, and in a moment they were both a wriggling, giggling mass as they fought to tickle the daylights out of one another. For a while, their playing had been more brutal, the entire focus any and all manner of sexual experimentation, but they had overcome a barrier in their relationship that allowed them to be silly with one another.

Never in public, though. Ever.

Andrew won out as usual, working his tongue into Andy’s mouth as his hand groped beneath his underwear, knowing his victory was complete when the first whimpers escaped Andy’s lips.

They were going to be late for work today.

“You sure you don’t mind?” Doris asked feverishly, watching Bea try to fit a huge letter block into her tiny mouth, sitting on Frank’s living room floor and watching Sesame Street.

“Not at all, my dear,” Frank chuckled.

Several members of the old NWA had been released or cleared, Frank among them. He was living in his old house, reinstated by the villagers, who still felt a sort of kinship toward all those detained on charges some still thought unfathomable. Joyce was living with him as well, her husband Bernard dying shortly after his incarceration, and finding solace in Frank’s company. Even as Doris and Frank were speaking, Joyce came out of the kitchen with a cup of apple juice for Bea, plucking the block from the girl’s fingers and cooing over her all the while.

The doorbell rang, making Doris nearly leap out of her skin. Joyce patted Bea on the head before rushing past Frank and Doris, reassuring the frazzled officer and her soon-to-be-hubby as she got the door.

“Morning, Joyce,” Nicholas greeted, stamping snow from his boots before stepping inside, Danny following form behind him.

“Good morning, Nicholas, Danny,” Joyce smiled, always enthusiastic. She gave Danny a kiss on the forehead, making the younger officer smile brightly despite the early hour. Danny offered her the baby, used to the routine by now of leaving him here whenever both of them were working. The two of them were somewhat surprised to see Doris, though.

“I take it Jerry’s out of town?” Nicholas asked, making Doris roll her eyes.

“He’s got a summit in Paris until the end of the week,” she affirmed. “I didn’t want to bring Bea on the plane, and I couldn’t just leave her here…”

Doris had met Jerome Spencer while at hospital. He’d actually been one of the ER doctors that helped deliver Beatrice, and afterwards, he’d come to see her every day, even after she went home. It was strange, calling her “Spencer” instead of “Thatcher,” and even Nicholas sometimes made a mistake.

“Gram?” called Jonah from the other room. He had a cold, and so couldn’t go to school, but Tony was working until 5 and Meredith wasn’t off until 6:30. “Could I have another toast, please?”

“Now deary,” Joyce called to him, winking at the four adults in the hall as she turned and took Franky with her, “You should be lying down, shouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Gram…” Jonah sighed, sniffling into a Kleenex as he went back to the couch.

“I remember bein’ like tha’,” Danny grinned, Frank reaching over to ruffle his son’s hair. “You think you’ve got enough kids here, dad?” he joked.

“Never,” Frank smiled. “Besides, as long as you lot insist on having them, somebody’s got to make sure they grow up right.”

Owen came into work half an hour after the Andes, the latest of late, with Galen grumbling along behind him. He’d agreed to help Owen fix the pipes out at Elroy Farm after Turner Sr. called to let Owen know that they were quite frozen. It had been a wet, frigid job, and neither of them was any happier than usual.

That was, until Doris gave Galen some hot chocolate, and then it was just Owen being ornery on his own.

“S’too cold to go back out today,” Stephen whined, chucking a crumpled police report into a dust bin across the room. Tony took aim and let fly an arching shot, bouncing off the Chief’s window before thumping into the basket.

“What’re you doing?” Nicholas asked with a sigh, poking his head out into the office. He was met be a hailstorm of paper balls, and giving a yelp, ducked out of the doorframe in time to let them fly by into his office.

The phone rang, and Owen didn’t even bother to pick it up before forwarding the call to Nicholas; he didn’t care who it was, he wasn’t talking to anybody right now…

“Chief Inspector Angel speaking,” Nicholas said curtly into the receiver as he snatched it off his desk, grabbing a pen and settling into his chair automatically.

“Pffft, what a snob,” Liam laughed on the other end of the line. “Next Christmas, I’m getting you a new stick-”

“Liam,” Nicholas said cheerfully, making a face for Danny and Walker’s benefit, having been engaged with the two moments before the paper attack.

“We still on for next week, then?” Liam asked. He was referring to Nicholas’s vacation time, which Danny had forced him to take. The two of them were going to London so as to get some proper time together, and to show Danny all Nicholas’s old haunts, so Frank and Joyce had agreed to watch Franky.

“Of course,” Nicholas replied. “Is Grace still sick?”

“Oh, ahm, she’s…well, not sick, as it turns out,” Liam chuckled, clearing his throat.

After working with Liam - and perhaps a bit more than that at times - Nicholas knew something was up.

“What’s the matter, then?” Nicholas asked, trying to sound peeved and concerned at once. Liam wouldn’t tell him if he didn’t put the spurs to him.

“Well, she…She’s pregnant,” Liam mumbled.

“Congratulations!” Nicholas shouted. Pulling the phone away from his head for a moment, he explained to Danny and Walker, “Grace is pregnant.”

“Dadsheronenall,” Walker smiled, Danny shouting ‘Wa-heeeeey!’ as he always did.

“Just don’t mention it to Kenneth when you see him,” Liam begged. “I mean…Well, Grace doesn’t want to yet, and I don’t-”

“Mention what?” Nicholas heard Kenneth’s voice from a bit of a distance.

“Better let you go, mate,” Nicholas smiled, the two of them hanging up simultaneously.

“I think we all should go to lunch,” Tony said, coming into the office with Stephen, Doris, and Galen at his back. “It’s almost noon, after all, and there’s nothing going on, anyway.”

“That’s not a particularly good reason to-” Nicholas started, but stopped short when he noticed Danny and Galen pantomiming him.

“Christ, Nicholarse, let it go!” Andrew griped, popping in with Andy out of nowhere.

“Yeah, even if we had us an axe-murder runnin’ about, ‘m pretty sure we’ve enough already livin’ here to keep ‘em from doin’ any real damage,” Danny nodded.

“Wut, like yur da?” Galen teased, turning and fleeing the office in mock terror as Danny gave chase.

“Is it always going to be like this?” Nicholas groaned, resting his head in his hands.

“Hopefully,” Andy shrugged.

And hopefully, it would be.
25th-Sep-2007 07:05 am (UTC)
Aww... I've just finally caught up with this, and I'm glad that I have.

I must admit, I'm impressed by the sheer number of characters that you managed to cram in (and how diverse you made them, not a single cookie-cutter Met cop in sight!). I was biting my nails during the church shoot out, and worrying like mad at the hospital... Now I'm all warm that it's mostly worked out well. But what was up with that key? Will you ever tell us what that was for?

I, for one, am interested in these FSTs you've been working on. Have you tried using WinRar to compress them?
25th-Sep-2007 07:26 am (UTC)
The drawing and the key were meant to be part of a tri-quel, but in the great tradition of lame people, I have ceased to write it.

The story was set a few years after Hot Fuzz and SYG, with Nicholas dealing with the last of his family while trying to raise two kids. The plot line stopped working, however, because I chickened out and didn't finish SYG the way I wanted to;
Andy was supposed to die, and he was the father of Doris's baby. Subsequently, she married Andrew, not the ER doctor, and they moved to London. Also, Frank was supposed to die, and Simon became Nicholas's father-figure/pervy babysitter. Danny actually married Audrey instead of staying with Nicholas, because he was supposed to fall in love with Jillian, who wasn't evil at all, but rather boring, so they broke it off. Consequently, Nicholas is single and rather emo at times. He has a fling with Grace, which brings Liam back into the picture, and the tri-quel culminated in the eventual destruction of the 'parent' NWA in London, which was tied to Kenneth, who gives the Met Inspector a thorough rape/snog/fest on his desk at the Met.

There was a very nice bit where Simon, Nicholas, Liam and Danny yelled an entire casual conversation about fucking each other at various points throughout previous storylines during an intense firefight as a means of pissing each other off enough to stay with it, as opposed to just wetting themselves and running away...

But yeah, WinRar. Thanks.
25th-Sep-2007 07:29 am (UTC)
... wow, I'm sad to have missed out on that. The sheer entanglement of relationships alone is a hell of a hook, and then you have this amazing ability to add plot. Anyway, maybe you can still use bits of it all in other things? I'd pester you to keep writing, but I've noticed that you seem to have a lot on your plate at the moment. That, and people who pester get annoying very quickly :)
5th-Sep-2008 06:25 am (UTC)
Oh, this story was made of WIN. You're so good at writing emotionally-charged situations, and you write good smut, too (wah-heeeey! :D). All the deaths and the emo and Nicholas' nutter gang family and...and...LOVE. <3

Though I got very confused about certain things; mostly because there're enough characters in here to rival the dreaded council scene in Fellowship of the Ring (the book, not the movie, ye-gads) and so much going on that it's kind of like trying to stand in the busiest part of Chinatown and notice everything all at once. So I was wondering if you could perhaps clarify a few things...

...How did Derek, Robin, and Simon end up teaming up with Team Angel? I would've thought Nick would've rebuked them thoroughly, if not killed them for presumably taking Danny. What would any of them - especially Derek - have been able to say to placate Nicholas?

...What the hell happened to Nicky's mum?

...Where did Baby Franky come from? Is he biologically Nick's from some secret tryst we don't know about, or did he and Danny adopt?

...And, not really confusion, but whom is the father of Doris's baby?

Did I miss a section somewhere, or am I just dumb? Dx
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