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Update teh Shite

I have had...the worst couple of days.

Let's see, office fire, near break-up, school issues, job issues, internship issues, ISSUES with the TISSUES, non-sleeping problems...

You get the idea, right?

I did fan art. I did writing. I did DDR. My fingers are swollen and angry.

I was going to go to Gen Con Indy this weekend, but my dad bailed. Only problem? You have to be 21+ to check into the room, and I'm...19.

Fuck's sake, really...

So now I'm putzing, depressed, etcetera et al. I at least lined up some cool cons in the coming months, and I'm going to see Alice In Chains on the 23rd. Oh! And I'm freelancing for The Guardian, which is AMAZING, and I'm getting an internship at The Metroland. I'm really, really, PAINFULLY busy.

And I got NOTHING done tonight. Stupid boyfriend, fucking hate him so MUCH.

Somebody give me a distraction! I'm a crybaby!
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