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Russian Climbing

After a recent lesson in Russian climbing from my brother, I got the idea that, being impressionable and bored, the Sandford lot might try it.

Why not?

So here's what that might be like, with a bit of mush at the end.

Title: Russian Climbing
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 1.Energy
Word Count: 105
Rating: PG

Andrew looked over the edge one last time to judge the distance to the ground: About 5 meters, give or take a few inches, but still a long way down. He back-pedaled, bounced on the balls of his toes, and then charged forward, springing out across empty space, crashing down on the next roof over, quickly tucking and rolling to avoid injury.
Footsteps came racing toward him, and he gave everyone a massive grin as he got to his feet, Andy clapping him on the shoulder as Nicholas and Evan congratulated him in turn.
“That’s definitely going on YouTube,” Andrew laughed, working off the adrenaline.

Title: Russian Climbing Part 2
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 55.Slide
Word Count: 131
Rating: PG

Andy pushed off a low brick wall onto the larger stone edifice blocking the Summerfield car park from the street, following the low wall around the empty lot to the side of the building, grabbing a light post and using it to slide to the roof.
“C’mon, what’re you waiting for?” he yelled back, seeing Nicholas mid-route, but Evan and Andrew watching passively.
“You know,” Andrew called, giving Nicholas a disdainful look as the Chief scrambled up beside Andy, “I’m pretty sure Tony’s going to show up any second.”
“Why’s that?” Andy asked, suddenly catching sight of a flashing light in the distance, hearing a siren far off.
“Because he’s the only one besides Owen left on-duty,” Evan answered, he and Andrew breaking into a run. “We’ll meet up later!”

Title: Russian Climbing Part 3
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 45.Spineless
Word Count: 134
Rating: PG

Evan free-fell a couple meters, landing on a lower balcony, hopping the railing and leaping to the next stairwell over. Nicholas was waiting for him, the Andes sitting on a ledge overhead and to the left, watching the sun come up.
“Getcher arses up here already,” Andrew called down to them.
“Nicholas, I don’t think I can do this,” Evan said warily, peering out across the six foot gap to a near-parallel railing, which he would need to grab at head-level and haul himself onto. The Andes could do it, and for Nicholas it would be easy, but Evan was old and getting older all the time. “I’d really like to keep my spine in proper order, you know?”
“Alright,” Nicholas replied. “We’ll take the stairs, then.”
Evan knew he could always count on Nicholas.

Title: Russian Climbing Part 4
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 61.Final
Word Count: 145
Rating: PG

Andy dozed peacefully against Andrew’s shoulder, Evan and Nicholas seated on either side of them watching the sun rise. There was a faint chill to the air, and the dew on their clothes stayed liquid only with the help of their body heat. Nicholas made an exasperated noise in his throat, reaching to shut off the ringer on his phone for the third time, finally shutting the gadget off completely; Danny had woken to find him missing, as Nicholas feared he would.
“We should do this more often,” Andrew murmured, putting an arm around Andy’s waist.
“What, find creative ways of trying to kill ourselves?” Evan joked.
“No,” Andrew replied, his tone serious without any trace of condescension, gazing at his sleeping partner before turning to look at Evan and then Nicholas. He smiled and looked back at the slowly brightening sky and said, “Just…this.”
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