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nick/danny family ties

This is a tri-force (Zelda reference FTW) referencing a completely AU scenario in which Nicholas and Danny become a family.

'Tis fluff, and adorable.

Title: Francis Gabriel Angel
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 28.Glow
Word Count: 210
Rating: G

Nicholas marveled at the tiny baby in his hands, watching it wave its little arms and gurgle happily, smiling up at him. Danny sat on the couch next to him, extending a finger that the baby readily grabbed and tugged, laughing as it did.

“He’s gorgeous,” Nicholas grinned, looking from the baby to Danny, his eyes filled with a sort of joyous glow that comes from meeting your own child for the first time.

It wasn’t really his baby, it was Gavy’s, but she didn’t want him. Somehow, despite all of the family’s cajoling and reassurance, she couldn’t stand the sight of the baby, saying it was the father’s fault, a man nobody knew, a man Gavy hardly remembered. She wished she’d gotten an abortion, and fighting off a serious case of post-partum, Nicholas had come forward and asked to take the child.

Tonight was their first night as a family.

They’d named him Francis Gabriel Angel, in honor of Danny’s father and Nicholas’s brother by the same name, and a namesake of a mother who never loved him. Nicholas was sure that Gavy would come back for him some day, and until then, he and Danny would have a son, and Francis would have a family that loved him.

Title: Dinosaurs Again?
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 30.Dream
Word Count: 239
Rating: G

“Dad?” Franky said from the doorway, his tiny frame silhouetted by the hall light. “I had a bad dream…”

Nicholas sat up, rubbing the bleariness from his eyes, blinking rapidly and twitching his head as he tried to wake up. He knew children usually went through stages with nightmares, and Franky had recently been having lots and lots of ones about dinosaurs, probably because he insisted on having a herd of them under his bed.

For a five-year-old, he was terribly precocious.

“C’mere, then,” Nicholas said softly, aware of the fact that, yet again, Danny hadn’t awoken at all.

Franky ran over, his footy pajamas making a tiny squeak against the pine floor, the sound finally rousing Danny, as Franky launched himself into his dad’s arms, the two of them tumbling back onto the bed.

“S’the dilophosaur again, innit?” Danny yawned, grabbing Franky and tickling him until the boy started kicking.

“No, the raptors!” Franky exclaimed, jumping up and bouncing on the bed, giving his best impression of the two-legged menace. Had it not been 3am, and both of them working the next day, Nicholas and Danny would have been far more enthusiastic about their son’s theatrics, but they were thoroughly exhausted.

“Come on, then,” Nicholas interrupted, hugging Franky about the waist and sitting him down, offering the bedspread. “You’ve school in the morning, remember?”

Franky never had nightmares when he knew he had his dads to protect him.

Title: Katherine
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Character/s: General
Prompt: 2.Perfect World
Word Count: 210
Rating: PG

In a perfect world, babies are never abandoned, but this world is far from perfection.

The name on the note said Katherine, but no records existed of a baby by that name or description in the files of any of the local hospitals, and it was assumed that it was a home birth. There were no signs of abuse or malnutrition, and the child didn’t seem more than a few weeks old by Doctor Bertram’s estimation.

She needed a home, though, or she would wind up in Family Services, and Nicholas knew that wasn’t a place for any child to be. So he sat Danny down in his office on a moment’s notice and asked him, quite frankly, if he wouldn’t care to have a daughter.

Of course, Danny said yes.

“Why are babies so small?” Franky asked Danny as the two of them looked down into the cradle, Katherine blinking slowly back at them as she drifted off to sleep.

“How else can storks carry them?” Danny replied softly, ruffling Franky’s hair. “Sides, she’ll get big in no time, just wait an’ see. She may even give you a run for your money some day.”

“No way!” Franky laughed. Suddenly, with the attention span and excitement of a little boy, he asked himself aloud, “I wonder if she’d like a triceratops?” before darting out of the room.

Nicholas dodged him in the doorway, a towel around his neck, smelling fresh from the shower. He kissed Danny on the lips, a lingering, sentimental caress, as he wrapped his arms around his partner.

“What d’we do if her parents come back?” Danny asked, a fear that had been eating at him all day. “I don’t think we should give her back, not when they’ve already proved they won’t care for her.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Nicholas smiled, “She’s ours now, not theirs. She’s our daughter, Danny.”
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