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Stand Your Ground 5/12 
6th-Aug-2007 04:47 pm
smut, nicholas/danny, Oh
Yes, rapid-fire posting! I hardly know what I'm doing anymore, but there is about to be SO MUCH FIC my head will EXPLODE!

I have fic, ficlets, and random shite.

So here's some more of SYG. :P

TITLE: Stand Your Ground
PROMPT: 20.Crawl
PAIRING: Nicholas/Danny
SUMMARY: In this chapter...well, look at the rating and the pairing, and figure it out, kindola!

21.Alternate Reality

It was warm and sunny in the living room when Nicholas awoke. Lying flat on his back, he allowed the realization that he was late to work crawl stealthily into his skull, imbedding itself amongst the other worries already riling back to life with his renewed consciousness.

He groaned. Danny moved against him.

Turning slowly on his side, he propped himself on his right elbow and reached out with his left hand to trace the contours of Danny’s sleeping face, relishing the fact that, despite his age, he couldn’t muster any stubble on his smooth jaw. He longed to reach over, to graze his lips against Danny’s, to feel the comfort of such contact, but he didn’t want to wake Danny. Not yet. Knowing the pain and dispair waiting for them in wakefulness having already felt its pangs himself, he couldn’t bare to drag his lover back to that reality. Let him sleep.

Rolling off the sofa-bed and hitting the floor in one fluid motion, Nicholas padded across the room and took the creaky stairs two at a time, making sure to dodge the top step with the particularly loose board, and headed into his room for a quick change of clothes: Shorts and T-shirt, running shoes, iPod. He was ready to blow some serious angst.

“Everything alright?” Danny suddenly asked from behind him, making Nicholas whirl around. Danny wasn’t wearing anything still, but that wasn’t unusual; they both took to sleeping naked, to beat the heat mostly, but partly because it was something intimate, not always sexual, but a way of being just that much closer.

And the sex, yes, that was worth mentioning as well.

“Y-yeah,” Nicholas stuttered, quite uncharacteristically, a brief flash of Jillian making him reel.

Why now??!?

He stumbled sideways, having been mid-way through slipping on his trainers, and caught himself against the edge of the bed, heaving a sigh of relief. He didn’t feel like a concussion just then. Danny smiled at him, covering the short distance between them in a heart beat, his arms snaking around Nicholas’s waist as his head came to rest on Nicholas’s shoulder.

Nicholas couldn’t help it, not in the least, when Danny’s lips pressed against his flesh, sending shivers down his spine, a contented sigh escaping like an afterthought. He tipped his head, encouraging Danny, silently asking for more. Danny’s lips parted tentatively, teasingly, brushing Nicholas’s skin before his tongue began to add moisture, tasting for a moment before darting back.

They shifted subtley back onto the bed, Nicholas scooting and Danny crawling, making their way to the middle. Nicholas knew they’d come far enough when Danny trapped his hands in his own, pinning them to the mattress on either side of Nicholas’s head, leaning down to capture Nicholas’s mouth with an unapologetic kiss. There was grinding, tongue on tongue, mouth on mouth, and then hips and groins joined the fray, which always took Nicholas pleasantly off-guard.

“Sweet mother of God…” Nicholas panted, unintentionally parting his legs, bending his knees to place his feet firmly on the bed, and then pushing up so that his hips rose to meet Danny’s thrusts.

“I love it when you get religious,” Danny teased, releasing one of Nicholas’s hands so that he could reach down and find the joining of shirt and shorts, work his hand underneath, and wrap his hand securely around Nicholas’s dick.

Ah, Christ-!” Nicholas yelped, writhing and gasping. “Christ, Danny!

Smiling, Danny released Nicholas’s other hand, sitting back and allowing himself room to whip off Nicholas’s shorts and shoes, tossing them carelessly over the edge of the bed. He leaned forward, catching Nicholas’s mouth without warning, tasting his desire on his lips as he tugged his lover’s shirt up and over his head. It quickly followed the shorts and shoes.

“You’d better not mean to leave those there,” Nicholas said playfully, trying to sit up but finding himself pinned again as Danny leaned over him once more.

“Or what?” Danny teased. He didn’t wait for a reply, however. He had Nicholas under him, naked and undeniably horny, and he was hungrier for him than he’d been in a while. Regardless of the reason, this time would be different.

Nicholas could sense it, too; he never spent this much time on the bottom, and the look in Danny’s eye told him he’d best get used to it. Fuck…

Danny was on him again, his right hand fisting Nicholas’s cock, stroking steadily as he bent his head to lick the tip, tasting a bit of tangy fluid already. Feeling emboldened, he wrapped his lips around the head, one hand still engaged in jerking Nicholas off, the other gripping Nicholas’s thigh in a vice-like grip to keep his partner from thrusting into his mouth.

Nicholas balled his fists into the comforter and arched his back, panting and groaning, trying to hold himself back as Danny did unspeakably amazing things to his body. Danny’s tongue lapped against the shaft, warm spit dribbling along his flesh that sent Nicholas’s frame to quivering, and the rapid, gentle sucking at the tip of his penis made him see stars, the interchange between these two activities leaving Nicholas in such a state it was impossible for him to form proper sentences.

A low, prolonged groan escaped his lips as his body went suddenly lax, then desperately rigid, Danny’s hand abandoning Nicholas’s hip to cup his sack, rolling it gently in his palm. The sensation was something like a tickle mixed with the most intense pleasure Nicholas could endure, and he began to whine, a high-pitched, desperate sound that made Danny smile against his lover’s shaft, still trapped between his lips.

“Danny,” Nicholas breathed, repeating his name over and over again as Danny lead him closer and closer to climax. He wanted this to last, but he couldn’t stop, nor did he want to. It was possibly the best sex he’d had in his life, and it was with someone he actually loved, and no other person was going to encroach on this, not even himself. No selfishness, not now.

Danny suddenly released Nicholas, letting his erection, now well-lubricated, bob free of his lips, crawling up the bed to kneel over Nicholas, watching his lover twitch and catch his breath.

“Why’d you stop?” Nicholas panted, somewhat distraught. “Is this alright? I mean, I didn’t-”

“No, s’not you,” Danny explained, blushing slightly, “I just…I wanted to, you know…Because I thought, well-”

“You want to…make love?” Nicholas inferred, going crimson to the ears in turn. He’d only bottomed once in his life, and it was good, it was damn good, but he’d sworn it off, afraid of the intimacy. His concern with Danny was legitimate, however; he knew he was Danny’s first, and that could be tricky.

Noting the mounting trepidation on Danny’s face, Nicholas quickly reached for the bedside table, struggling to pull his damp skin free of the heavy blanket beneath him. There was a bottle of lube in the drawer, which his fingers barely closed around before Danny pulled him back, thrusting his tongue into Nicholas’s mouth and clutching him tightly to his chest. Their mouths worked in synch together, heads bobbing in the cresting rhythm of the kiss, until they were nearly out of breath from it all and were forced to break apart.

“Do you know how-?” Nicholas began, but Danny silenced him with another kiss, this one soft but certain.

“We have the Internet, remember?” Danny joked, giving Nicholas a look, which made Nicholas’s eyebrows shoot up.

“What’ve you been watching?” Nicholas smiled coyly, reaching up to cup Danny’s cheek. He hadn’t even noticed Danny’s hands moving, or the bottle of lube opening and squeezing, the cap replacing, tossed aside on the bed. He did however notice the cold fluid at his entrance, spread thin but well enough, and the fingers that made quick work of him.

Nicholas fell back, heart pounding, mind racing, unable to think straight. Danny pressed in one finger, then two, and all the while Nicholas thought he would break, this would be the end of him. He was doing something so against his nature, more than opening up, more than falling in love, more than liking men, more than…anything. But he loved Danny, and that coupled with the mind-altering jolts of pleasure that raced through his body as Danny fingered him, well that made up for a lot.

“Everything alright?” Danny repeated, barely above a whisper. The look in his eyes was sultry, hungry, needy, and it made Nicholas’s reservations crumble.

“Everything’s…grea‘ - ’mazin’ - GOD, do that again…” Nicholas begged, hips rising off the bed in encouragement. Danny smiled and pulled his hands away, leaning over Nicholas for another quick kiss. Nicholas knew what this meant, where they’d come to, and he blushed scarlet and broke out in goose pimples; he really wasn’t ready for this, not yet-

“I’ll go slow,” Danny murmured, and Nicholas melted again, falling flat on the bed, bending to Danny’s lust.

He wanted to snap his legs back together as Danny climbed between them. He wanted to roll off the bed when Danny grabbed his hips like handlebars, staring at him hungrily. He wanted to run away, to run the living hell out of himself, when Danny rubbed his erection experimentally against Nicholas’s opening, sending sharp shivvers all along Nicholas’s body. He wanted to hate himself for enjoying this so much, for wanting it so much.

His mouth opened just barely, lips parted as his breath caught. He may have been used to fucking, but feeling the tip of Danny’s cock breach him, Nicholas suddenly realized why Danny, and Liam before him, always put up a fuss the first few times, and after lulls and whatnot.

“D-Danny,” Nicholas said in a quavering tone, “Danny, hang on-”

“S’better to just do it,” Danny said in such a seductive voice that Nicholas felt compelled to give in.

He fell back against the mattress, watching Danny’s face, meeting his eyes, gasping and panting as more and more of Danny slid into him, as he felt his body stretch to accommodate Danny’s penis. It hurt, undeniably, but it was sexy and it was turning him on. His legs spread, he felt Danny’s balls come to rest against his ass, both of them letting out a heavy sigh.

“Hold still,” Nicholas begged softly, sweat beading on his brow, coating his chest and arms, making him slick from head to toe. An involuntary spasm made his body jerk, and a brief flash of intense pleasure made him freeze.

Danny saw it and smiled, leaning down to brush his lips against every inch of flesh he could still reach.

Holding Nicholas’s sides gently, Danny rocked backward, adjusted his angle accordingly, and slid in again, taking careful aim. He knew he was dead-on when Nicholas jerked upright again, nearly bent in half, panting and spluttering unintelligibly.

“There, there, yes, Danny, THERE,” Nicholas moaned, falling back and writhing, clutching the sheets for dear life. “There, please, Danny, fuck me like that, babe, please…”

“Shush, love,” Danny groaned, carefully directing each thrust, focusing on the unbearably wonderful friction and heat mounting around his cock. He’d slept with loads of women before, but the feeling of being inside Nicholas was leaps and bounds beyond that. Lightyears. Aeons. He shuddered, choking back a moan as he rocked forward and fully sheathed himself inside his lover, before tentatively sliding out to repeat the process again and again.

His pace sped up, making the bed rock, making them both moan and whimper, Nicholas’s gasps staccato, punctuated with each fresh thrust and burst of pleasure, Danny’s low and continuous, clawing at composure as passion tore his resolve apart.

He changed angles, sped up, grabbed Nicholas about the waist and pulled him into a half-sitting position, his cock pushing just a bit deeper. Nicholas’s mouth met his, their cries intermingling, bodies shaking hard as precome trickled down Nicholas’s shaft and pooled at the base of Danny’s cock.

“Dear God, I love you,” Nicholas panted, his lips brushing Danny’s as he spoke, the contact varying in closeness as Danny fucked him, bringing their bodies closer and further as the tide laps closer and further from the shore.

“Aaaah…love you, too, Nicky,” Danny gasped, letting his head fall back for a moment, and he closed his eyes, focusing on the delicious sensations enveloping his dick. He could feel a deep pressure mounting in his lower abdomen, like an unquenchable fire ready to incinerate everything.

Nicholas groaned, rolling his hips against Danny’s groin, slamming himself into Danny’s thrusts.

“I’m gonna come,” Danny finally declared, reaching with his lips for Nicholas’s kiss. “I’m gonna come, Nick-”

“Come inside me,” Nicholas moaned, meeting Danny’s mouth half-way. “Fuck me senseless, babe. I’m yours.”

Danny shook hard one last time, all his breath trapped deep in his lungs as he felt the fire run to the end of his cock, his balls grew hard, and he clutched Nicholas fiercely to his body. With a quavering cry, he spasmed and spilled his seed in Nicholas’s body, pouring out oaths and declarations as his cock pumped and throbbed.

With the last of his strength, Danny clutched Nicholas’s cock in his fist, and after three quick strokes, Nicholas leaned into his shoulder, moaning and shouting.

“Danny, I’m…” he managed to say before a thick spray of milky fluid shot onto their stomachs and ran down Danny’s fist.

Danny pulled out slowly, crawling up the bed on his knees and grabbing the tissue box off the bedstand, taking a handful before handing the box to Nicholas. He smiled gently, wiping the sweat from his brow, before closing his eyes and cleaning himself off by touch alone.

“Nick,” Danny whispered, falling on his side next to Nicholas, laying his hand across Nicholas’s chest, “I love you.”

Nicholas opened his eyes and looked over at Danny, studying his eyes, breathing his scent, feeling his weight on the bed, hearing his rapid yet steady breathing, and smiled to himself. He could feel Jillian Monroe crawling around inside his skull, but he didn‘t love her, not like he loved Danny. What he felt for her had nothing on this, the look in Danny‘s eyes and the meaning in his words, and the intense passion he experienced for this man, who was so devoted to him, and he in turn to Danny.

“I love you, too, Danny,” Nicholas said, and he was sure of it now.
6th-Aug-2007 09:34 pm (UTC)
er???? got lot's of lj cut things?
6th-Aug-2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
ok that was very Hot!!! more plz soon :).
7th-Aug-2007 01:30 am (UTC)

I hate BBcode... I had to use it for a different site for a while, and it threw me off when I FINALLY got to use HTML again.

*hugs HTML*

8th-Aug-2007 06:43 am (UTC)
Its like I was right... there...

Haha, ANYWAY. Very nice and very hot. Yea, it seems like Nicholas would have issues about being on bottom. But of course, he lurves it.
13th-Aug-2007 02:20 am (UTC)
That was absolutely brillent. It was beautiful and hot and and did I mention HOT. Nicholas on bottom is a definate kink of mine. I actually think out of the two of them, Nicholas would be the one to give up control to Danny. Since, you know, there has to be one aspect of his life that's he'd be willing to give up such strict control.
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