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Writer's Block: Time traveler

If you could go back in time to another decade, which decade would you choose and why? Would you want to return or stay there? What if you could bring one other person with you?

Why, the 1960's, of course! Peace, love, rock and roll, Star Trek, civil rights, uproar and unrest, The Beatles. If any era in my parents' generation could be called legitimately interesting, it would be the 60's.

As for bringing somebody else with me, I'd probably either bring the President back with me, to give him a refresher on public revolutions, or I'd take a certain celebrity back to the present with me (and I'm not naming names, but he'd either have a real English accent, or a fake Russian one ^_^).
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This is a test post of a fic for a challenge, so ignore it

Author's name: stelluci
Written for: moogsthewriter
Fandom: XI
Pairing/characters: Gen cast (no slash)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This is a sad piece. It seems I write a lot of sad stories these days, but this was because Moogs requested 'angst' and 'h/c', and I immediately hop on board the sorrow-train when I hear those terms.
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any copywritten character(s) that may or may not appear in this written work. All entities trademarked under the Star Trek logo are sole property of the Roddenberry family, et. al

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Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

This looks to me like the upper portion of a monster's skull, the lower jaw ripped away and the skull just beginning to take predominance as the cartilage and other tissues degrade and fall away from the bone, staining it gray.

From the impression, it has closely-set eyes that most likely function poorly if at all. It predominantly uses its ears, as the upper portion of the skull is largely dedicated to resonance and enlarged fan-like bone plates, with olfactory as a secondary main sense; the nasal cavities, set below the eyes, are the largest feature on the front of the face.

Also interesting is the jawline itself; something between a bird (the bill-like protuberance) and a cat, its lower jaw was fairly independent before its detachment, and you can see the ridges along the upper jaw, indicting that it may not have possessed teeth. Rather, like a lizard, its strong muscles helped the mouth act as a natural compactor, swallowing its food whole. Most likely its spit was poisonous, not unlike the Gila monster or beaded lizard.

For some reason, the fins at the top of the skull give me the impression that it had a fin or collar of feathers, though the rest of him was most likely scaled, and probably black with dark blue accents.

I have no idea what this animal is called.
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Writer's Block: Fantasy Sports

Imagine you manage a coven of baseball-playing vampires. The Cullen family is really strong this year and you want to bring in a ringer. Which currently active MLB baseball player do you sire?

I REALLY don't understand why everyone got so indignant and pissy about this question. It's actually sort of fun, if you were to think about it without immediately flying into anti- or pro-Twilight fangasming.

I also don't see why vampires wouldn't play baseball. I've never seen anything to indicate one way or another that they prefer or dislike it, and being vampires, I'm sure they could perform more than aptly at such a sport, especially during major league night games.

That said, if I had to put a major league player onto a baseball team comprised of vampires, I'd probably pick Chipper Jones, because not only is he a good ball player, but he's also my brother's favorite, and any chance to turn one of my brothers things into a sparkle-brained twit sporting far too much mascara is a good thing.
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The Criminon Effect, Ch6////Sulu/Chekov

Title: The Criminon Effect, Chapter 6
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Characters: Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov
Prompt: 11. Underground
Word Count: 1'111
Rating: PG
Summary: In this multi-prompt episodic adventure, the crew of NCC 1701 are faced with a fanatical enemy with powers unlike anything they've yet encountered.
Disclaimer: I don't own it. :(
Notes: There will be links to proceeding and preceding chapters as the story updates.

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More icons, and a bit of art

So here are some more icons for the fanfic50 table, as well as a couple doodles I worked out on Artweaver.


And this is the art. Now, the story here is, I started this a looooong time ago, and by that I mean when the eleventh movie came out, and a bit of my interpretation of Chekov and Sulu got caught up between George Takei and Walter Koenig, and John Cho and Anton Yelchin. I think that telegraphs in the content...


And then, I found an icon version of it I could live with:

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More fanfiction, can it be???

So, this is short and ill-thought-out, but I'm posting it now, because I want to.

Title: From Russia With Love
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Characters: Hikaru Sulu/Pavel Chekov
Prompt: 16.Improvise
Word Count: 930
Rating: PG
Summary: There are things about Chekov that people don't like, but Sulu can give him a hand
Disclaimer: I don't own them. T__T
Notes: None for you.

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I know I never get comments, but I need HELP

Alright, so I made this music video and posted it on YouTube, and as you can see, it BUTCHERED the file. None of that pixelation appeared in the original source file or the finished video file on my PC, and I've been seeing a lot of this with my YouTube uploads recently. Is there any way to circumvent this, or should I just get away from the TUBEZ ASAP?